What you see here is me playing with turtles. In other words I was in NetLogo 5.0.3. NetLogo is a program where you need coding to control the turtles.

Microcolony simulation

Using a Logo programming language and the NetLogo application, I created a colony of turtles that can move, eat, reproduce and die.

This is NetLogo. This is the begginning of the coding. You need the coding because thats the only way to get the turtles to start moving. You can mess up very easily and a small mistake can ruin everything. If you see all the end's that means that it end's the coding for that section. The reason why you see to setup is that when you click that button setup it will do what you asked it to do.

On NetLogo I had added some stuff. The little list that is under to eat means that the turtles will eat the green stuff(grass) and when they eat the green stuff it will turn brown right after the turtles are done eating. I put to check-death so that when the turtles has no energy they will die. To regrow-grass is when the turtles has finished eating the grass it will instanly grow back and that the color will stay green. To reproduce is when the turtles energy is 50 it will have PINK babies.So 50 energy means a baby and when the baby hatches it has 6 energys.

I have added some stuff. Under to move I have some stuff there because thats for when the baby comes it will make them move and they have some energy to move. I also have another eat because the babies need to eat to and when they eat the screen will turn brown.