This is my 3D Graphics page

What I tried doing was a pretty cool house to live in nd what i added on the house was 4 rooms, I added a big garage were you can put 2 cars.What I added on the back yard was a big pool so the kids wont be bored just doing homework and stuff. So when its hot they would go outside and jump in the pool.

This is the inside of the house that I tried making.What I have in there is the kitchen and the table were you can eat. I added big stove so if you want to cook three stuff at a time you could use it. .

This is the garage from the house I just made.I couldn't put any car inside of the house.

What I added on the house that I built was that I added a pool so when it's hot the family would go go outside have some fun with there families.

The game I came up with is called The Flying Plane made by:Alexis Molina. I didn't have idea of what to do and I saw the jet, and the plane that has guns and started coming up with stuff. The jet is after the random plane because it's going around cities and destroying buildings. I named the plane with the guns, Random Plane because no one around there has never ever scene that plane, so they send the jet to go stop it, the jet says why can't I stop it he couldn't stop it because it was fast for the jet.

This is the game I came up with I named it the Flying Planes.It's a navy jet after a random plane destroying buildings.

The boat doesn't know what is going to happen with the navy jet and the random plane that's why he said what are they doing.

This is when the navy jet realizes that he can't catch the random plane.

This is the 3D graphics I'm working on right now.What I'm trying to do is to make like a wall so the ball won't be going to the other side of the wall.

The ball has to bounce on the wall and go back to the other side

This ball leaves like some kind of line when it bounces back and when it comes back.

This is what I use to make the ball move. These codes make the ball bounce to the wall and makes it come back to where it started.

These are some codes that make the small tiny world move around the big as sun.

This is how it came out looking like.The earth is going around the sun. You would put on the code go earth go around the earth two time and the earth will start moving once it finishes going around it would go back to where it started.