This robot took us like 5 minutes to built the robot.I don't know how long it would take you.The awesomeness part from making the robot was the building because when you got to the making it move it was frustrating because if you wouldn't get something right you would be upset.That's why I liked it more when we built it than the making it move it was difficult making it move.

The long thing is called the sonar sensor.The sonar sensor is use for when the robot is close to a wall or something and the robot will stop and go back.The other one is called the touching sonar.The touching sensor is use for when the robot is about to hit a wall it tells the robot to stop. These are the 2 things that we used on our robot because we didn't want it to hit something.

We attached the cables because we wanted the robot to move.We attached them because that was the only way we would only make the robot move.