Top 10 Worst Sports Jerseys EVER

10: To think they were called the reds...

9: This guy on the jersey looks more like a drunk guy on ecstasy than a pirate.

8: U.S. colors on a canadian team? What?

7: The jersey makes him look like a dalmatian.

6: They're called the "Thunder" by the way.

5: Old MacDonald had a farm...

4: Dalmatians must be the new rage...

3: Take a guess to what the the team is called. (Answer: Coyotes)

2: Buzz Buzz Buzz

Now you get to scroll past watermelons until you find #1

1: There's nothing to be said here, really.

Did you find the moose? If not, do me a favor and find it, or else the guy with the #1 ugly jersey will haunt your dreams.