3D Graphics

3D Graphics

Thuesday 1/20/15

On Tuesday we worked with a program called Alice which is a 3D graphics
program that allows you to ad objects/create objects and make them do things.
This program is similar to scratch but in 3D.

Wednesday 1/21/15

On Wednesday we used another 3D modeling program called "Sketchup" which is ued in a similar way but mostly for shapes adn minipulating them.

Friday 1/23/15

On Friday we used "Visual Python" and wrote code to make 3D objects. We also made an Earth that orbited the Sun.

This is a still image of the Earth orbiting the Sun.

This is the code that makes all of the above possible.

This is coil that I made with "Visual Python".

Monday 1/26/15

On Monday we made a cube out of cylinders that rotates.

This is what the cube looks like.

This is what the cube code looks like.