Artificial Intelligence

Thuesday 1/27/15

Howard Gardner

Howard Earl Gardner is an American developmental psychologist.
Acording to Howard Gardner, there are ten types of intelligences.
There is Spatial, Logical-Mathamatical, Musical, Kinesthetic,Bodily,
Existential, Moral, Naturalist, Intrapersonal, and Spiritual.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was born in Paddington, London on June 23ed, 1912.
Alan was an undergraduate at King's College, Cambridge University studying
Quantum mechanics, probability, and logic. In 1936 Alan created "The Turing
machine". In 1939 Alan returned to Cambridge and was introduced to the
German Enigma cipher machine. A year later he created "The Bombe", a
machine for Enigma decryption. On June 7th, 1954 Alan comited suicide
by cyanide poisoning.

Wednesday 1/28/15

On Wednesday we created our own chatbots in python here is some pictures.

This is what the bot says when you run the program.

This is the python code that made the bot say those things.


Today we watched an hour long YouTube video on the one of the worlds
smartest computers. Its name is Watson and was created by Dave Ferucci. Dave
and his team wanted to build a computer that could beat the top players in the
world at Jeopardy.

This is Watson playing Jeopardy.

This is what Watson looks like.

Friday 1/30/15

On Friday we visited the Computer History Museum and looked at different types of computers mostly old ones. Here is some pictures I took some with my phone.

Monday 3/23/15

On Monday we wrote a program to play Rock Paper Scissors, here is the code I wrote for it.

Tuesday 3/24/15

On Tuesday we wrote a program to guess our number, here is the code I wrote for it.

Wednesday 3/25/15

On Wednesday we wrote a program to play hangman, here is the code for it.

Thursday 3/26/15

On Thursday we wrote a program to play Tic Tac Toe, here is the code for it. Code by Vidars Wenning.

This is what it looks like when the game starts up.