Monday 9/8/2014

We leaned to make logic gates with circuits.

The Victorian Internet

In the 1800's they used electromagnets to send messages instantly along a wire.

Cedar Logic

Cedar logic is a program that allows you to drag and drop different logic gates, switches, and LED's to create circuits.

This is my two-bit adder, which adds to two. First neither input is on.

This is what it looks like when only one of the inputs is on.

Finally this is what the adder looks like when both inputs are on.

Wednesday 9/10/14

Today we made some more logic adders with different bit rates.
Take a looks at these pictures.

Tuesday 9/9/14


We were given bread-boards which are little rectangles that
can have transistors, wires, and LED's plugged into it and you hook
it up to a battery and see if your circuit works. Here is what
it looks like.

Thursday 9/11/14

On Thursday we learned how to solder a circuit to make a light up robot.
Here are some pictures.

Front view.

Back view.