Tuesday 11/4/14

On Tuesday we used scratch to program a game called pong.

Wednesday 11/5/14

On Wednesday we made our own game of choice. The game I made was Brick Smash.
The concept of the game is to bounce the ball off the slider and hit the red and
blue squares. If the ball lands behind the slider you lose. If you smash all the
bricks you win. Heres the game, try it yourself.

Thursday 11/6/14

On Thursday we made games that we coould brodcast so other
people could join the game. Below there are some pictures on
how it all works.

Here is what a brodcasting block looks like.

This is the game we made.

Inside the game you need blocks that move the pong pattles
it also needs to be brodcasted so the other play can see it, take a look.

Friday 11/7/14

On Friday we made a quiz on our "Intro to Computer Science" class.
Try it your self.

Thursday 1/22/15

On Thursday we viseted "Electronic Arts". We were given a tour around there campus. EA is a really cool place to work if you like video games. Here are some picture from when we were there.

This is the basketball court.

This is the "living room" as employee's like to call it.

This is where employee's can play games on there break.