This website is Top 10 Deceptcon Takedowns in the Transformers Movies

Here We Go!


Optimus Kills Bonecrusher:

Optimus's first kill in the movies! What a clean kill as well. :


Optimus Kills Lockdown:

Straight throught the chest, and as if that wasn't enough, the head gets cut in half.:


Optimus Kills Shockwave:

Optimus dismount his jet pack then activates his brass knuckles. RIP. (I feel kinda bad)\ :


Optimus Kills Demolisher:

#TheFallenShallNotRise :P:


Optimus Kills Grindor:

Optimus rips faces off but since when does he rip them off in half?!:


Optimus Kills Driller:

Story: Shockwave tells Driller to eat Chicago for lunch. Optimus Prime did not want driller to eat Chicago. He killed driller. THE END:


Optimus Goes on a Prototype Rampage:

Optimus had help from Grimlock so I'm going to give him credit, :

Optimus and Grimlock just rip through them!:


Optimus Kills Sentinel Prime:

Optimus does not forgive. JUSTICE FOR IRONHIDE!!!!:


Optimus Prime Kills The Fallen:

Do you really say "GIVE ME YOUR FACE" to your brother then kill him? Apparently Optimus does.:


Optimus Prime Kills Megatron (:

Finally, Megatron gets killed. \(Again)\ And bye Optimus this time to! I mean, the first time Megatron died Sam killed him. Really?! Optimus deserves to do it :D:

Now we reach the end of out top 10 list. So many kills. Which one is your favorite?: