Based on a website i got on talking about the types of intelligence, it says that there are 9 types of intelligence; Nature Smart, Musical Smart, Number/Reasoning Smart, Existential Intelligence, People Smart, Body Smart, Word Smart, Self Smart, and Picture Smart

Today i learned about the Turning test. The Turing test is testing a machine to see if it is human or not.

Programming a chatbot on python.

In python i found out how to do a loop with questions and then making it break if i said no.

I found out how to import lines of code on python today

Today we had a turing test to see who was a human and who was a computer. We had to program to make our chatbot respond to our questions.

I programmed my chatbot to do text to speech so every time you want to make it talk you would do engine.speak

Adding text to speech or "tts" to the fact bot so that it asks "what is your question" with a voice.

Today i learned about watson who is the smartest computer. It took along time to make him the way he is and he is a very complex machine.

Today i programmed a hangman just like the real thing where you have to guess the letters.

I also programmed a rock paper scissors game

programming a tic tac toe game

The board that goes along with the program along with attempts with the game

The first part of the honed tic tac code

The second part of the code