When we began looking into circuits our first step was looking at breadboards. We began looking at how electricity flowed through the circuits. While working on breadboards, we tried to make the current run through the lightbulbs and make them light up. In my group we failed to do so on many occasions and got it to work few times. We became frusterated and couldn't find the answer to our problems. Afterwards we learned a bit on how electricity flowed through circuits.


After we finished breadbords, we began working on soldering. Soldering is where you glue down wires with molten metal. In soldering, you use a hot iron to melt the solder onto the exposed circuits to keep them in place. From soldering I not only learned how to solder but also to be more careful considering the fact that one mistake would burn.


After soldering and breadboards, we started looking into gates and how they control the way power runs through them. We used a system that shows a virtual representation of these circuits. Inside of this program we tried using the gates to do something similar to what we did with the breadboards. From this I got a better understanding of how the circuits actually work.