When we began scratch, we first worked on making a pong game. To do this, we needed to create a code made with blocks that we put together. First we created the sprites, which for pong were two rectanglesand some sort of ball. Then we added code to the sprites. The first code I put was for the rectangles to move up and down when you pressed the arrow keys or 'w' and 's'. Next I put code for the ball to constantly move. I put a forever loop that made the ball move forward and bounce off walls. I also put an if statement in the loop to stop and say who won if the ball reached certain points. Finally I put an if statement that had the ball turn when it touched the other sprites.

Below is a game I made using scratch. The rule of the game is simple, don't get hit by the monsters. Its a two player game. To control one of the sprites you use 'wasd' and for the other sprite you use the arrow keys. To win you must survive until all three songs are done playing. However, when each song ends another monster comes in. Have fun.


When we first began using BYOB we had a sprite go around drawing things in an almost identical way to the turtles we've used in other programs. Later on, we began working on joining other peoples meshes. At first we just sent in our simple sprites but afterwards we began using the mesh to create a multiplayer game. In the game we first made our stages, which we didn't share, broadcast sertain information. We programmed our sprites to react to these things and move to them. We used broadcasts instead of normal key pressing to prevent interference with other people's key pressing. Then we added sprites that popped up from offscreen locations and moved towards set directions. We set our sprites to say things like "Ouch!" when we touched the launched sprites. In the end we put a broadcast that changed the variables we set to keep score. It really helped with understanding more about how to make online multiplayer games.