While we were learning to do some netlogo programming, we began doing many projects. Some projects were to make things known as "turtles" draw geometrical figures such as circles, triangles, and squares. On this page should be a picture of one of my works. Something else we did was make a virtual environtment simulation with the turtles. We made it so that they would move around, eat, reproduce, and die if they didn't get enough food. These activities were a lot of fun and really helped me understand how to code in netlogo and also might have improved my understanding of coding.


While we were learning python we began making guessing games. We were able to make a system pick a random number and take an input. We also made it check whether it was correct and tell you on a loop. Later we decided to make a rock paper scissors game with python. We had the computer randomly choose rock, paper, or scissors and compare it to the users choice to see who won. The next day we started using turtles with python. It worked much the same as net logo but with slight differences. On the third day we worked with branching figures. We had the turtles draw shapes, like a square, that branched off of the first figure and got smaller and smaller as it branched off. These figures were known as fractal trees.