The server is made up of many key components that play various roles in the performance of the system. Some of these components include the CPU, the RAM, the heat sink, the ports, the power supply, the battery, the wires, the hard drive, the fan, the disk drive, the motherboard, and the graphics card. Bellow, I will provide some picture examples and a brief discription of what they do.

Wires, Plugs, and Cables

The wires, plugs, and cables are used for transportation of power throughout the system.


RAM stands for random access memory and is used to access any place in memory directly without any order.

Clock Battery

The battery inside of the system is used to power the clock that keeps track of time.


The motherboard is the main printed circuit board and holds many of the main system components.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is responsible for storing and accessing data.


The fan is used to cool down the system in order to prevent overheating.

Graphics Card

A graphics card generates a feed of output images to a display (visual effects).


CPU stands for central processing unit. It servers as the component that carries out arithmetical and logical problems.

Heat Sink

The heat sink is used to cool the system by dissipating the heat into the surrounding.

Disk Drive

A disk drive is used to read and write data on a disk.


A port serves as an interface between two systems.

Power Supply

The power supply in a computer converts the electricity for better use.

My Work

On September 10th, 2013 I worked with a small group in order to take apart a server. We began pulling out the RAM and the wires. Eventually one person in our group went over and took out the heat sink and the CPU. When we were putting everything back together we were having trouble trying to put the wires in the correct position, but eventually we got them in. When we tried turning it on it didn't work and we got woried. We found out that it was just because someone pressed the power button and we got it to work again.

Trouble Shooting

On September 12th, 2013 I did a project in which we were supposed to make a server unusable by disabling something. Then we were to try fixing a server that another group broke. My group decided to sabatoge 4 things inside of the server even though I disagreed.We plugged a wire into the wrong spot, unplugged a wire, loosened the RAM sticks, and took out the clock battery. When we went to fix a server we couldn't find out how to fix it until we finally plugged in a wire that we thought was supposed to be unplugged. I learned that that wire is actually supposed to be plugged in. If I ever do that again then I'll try more things.