Server Project

On Thursday, we learned about servers. We took a server and we took the cover off and looked inside of it.
In a server, there is a CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Hard Drive, etc.

The Motherboard

The Motherboard is usually green, it holds all of the items necessary to use the computer.


CPU stands for "Central Processing Unit". It cannot be seen because it is under a heat sink.


RAM stands for "Random Access Memory". The RAM holds information for a short time.

Heat Sink

The heat sink is used for cooling heat. If a computer does not have a heat sink, it would overheat.

Power Supply

The power supply is were the computer gets all its power from.

Clock Battery

The clock battery keeps the time on the computer even when the computer is not use.

Media Drive

The media drive is where you place disks.

Raspberry Pi

On Friday, we learned about the Raspberry Pi. It is like a mini-server.
I learned that the Raspberry Pi was made in the United Kingdom.
The Raspberry Pi was invented for children to learn how to code.

Here is a picture of the Raspberry Pi.