Circuits Page

On Monday, we learned what are circuits and how they work.

Cedar Logic

Cedar Logic is used for learning how to use circuits and how circuits work.

This is an And Gate. An And Gate is used for two on/off switches to turn on a LED.

In the picture above, both inputs are not put on, so the LED will not turn on.

This is an Or Gate. The Or Gate is used for the same function as the And Gate, but the Or Gate can use one input to turn on the output.

In this an adder.

In the adder above, I made two inputs turn on one output.

In this adder, I made only one input turn on only one output.


On Tuesday, we got breadboards and we had to make the or gate and the and gate.

This is how a breadboard looks.

This is the transistor.

In this picture, we made a LED light up.

In this picture, we had to make an OR Gate.

We also made an AND Gate. I forgot to take pictures, but it was suppose to look like this.

On Wednesday we went on CEDAR Logic and we made more adders.

We made a 5-Bit Adder.

We also made a Carry In and Carry Out.


On Thursday, we learned how to solder. We made a robot with LED lights that flashed.
Here are some pictures of the robot.

We had iron and we had to melt it onto the connectors to make the LEDs to connect to the robot.