Game Programming Page

On Tuesday, November 4th, we made our own version of pong on scratch.
Wanna play? (Player 1 uses "W" and "S" keys) (Player 2 uses the up and down arrow keys)

I made this game with variables, conditionals, loops, and functions. An example of a Loop is when I make the ball bounce around the screen.
A Function I made was when I made the code for the ball, that whole thing is a function. A conditional I put in was "if 'ball' hits 'sprite1' then 'say 'Player 1 wins!'
A variable I put was numbers for things like "turn right 15 degrees," I would change the number 15 to like the number 25.

On November 5, we got to make our own games, but it had to have backgrounds so it can change the scene. This is my game.

For this game we had to make background for this game. An example of this is the bedroom is a background.
A user input I put was "What is your name?" It is a user input because you can put an answer into it.
Clicking or events that are in my game are the menu when you click the "Play" button.

On November 6th, we did BYOB. We learned that it is very similar to Scratch, but you can make your own block. BYOB stands for "Build Your Own Block" I built my own block using a function. I built a spiral block using a square block.

I made a scene with broadcast. This is the code.

This code makes one sprite talk to another sprite. When I put "broadcast greeting", it sends out a broadcast so other sprites can see. When it says "When receiving "broadcast greeting", it receives the broadcast and replies.

We also made a game where more than one person can play at the same time! Here are some screenshots.

On Friday, November 7, we made a quiz. Wanna take it?

We also made a laser game to test how to make something shoot at another. To shoot you press the spacebar. To move you press the W and S keys.