Recap of All the Weeks

Week 1

On the first week of Expeditions, we learned about Loops, Conditionals, Functions, and Variables.
To loop is to do things more than once.
Conditionals are "if" statements. An example is "If answer is 'hi', then print 'hi'".
Functions are groups of code formed into one code.
Finally, variables are numbers that replace a letter.
Here is a link to my Programming Page.

Week 2: Circuits and Servers

On week 2, we learned about both Circuits and Servers.
For circuits, we learned about AND Gates and OR Gates.
AND Gates are like this AND that for something to work.
OR Gates are like this OR that for something to work.
We also learned about breadboards and transistors.

At the end of Circuits, we learned how to Solder.
There is more information at my Circuits page.


For servers, we opened a server and looked inside.
We learned about what is inside a computer and how it works.
Some examples of what is inside of a computer are the motherboard, the CPU,
the RAM, the Heat Sink, and many other components.

If you want to see more examples, go to my Server page!


Week 3: Game Programming

On week 3, we learned how to make games on Scratch.
Before we made our own games, we learned how to make our own version of Pong on Scratch.
After making Pong, we had the challenge of making a story based game with backgrounds so that you can change the scene.
Next, we worked on BYOB, which means "Build Your Own Block".
On that, we learned how to broadcast and how to connect with other classmates to play together.
We also had to make a laser game, which includes shooting and a hit system.
At the end of the week, we had to make a quiz about what we learned so far.

To see what I have done, visit my Games page!

Games Page

Week 4: Robotics

On week 4, we did robotics.
We had Lego robots and programmed them so that they can move and sensor.
We also learned how to move the robots and to scatter them around.
At the end of the week, we battled our robots in an arena that we built.
Here is a link to my Robotics page.


Weeks 5 and 6: 3D

On weeks 5 and 6, we worked on 3D programming.
We learned about the Utah Teapot and how that was the first item to be printed on an 2D surface.
We also made scenes on Alice.
Alice is what we used to make movies and things.
We also worked on Sketchup and Visual Python.
On Sketchup, I built a house, mountain, and a window.
On visual Python, we learned how to make the Earth revolve around the Sun.
We also learned how to make a cube out of cylinders and made it spin around.
Here is a link to my 3D page.

3D Programming

Week 6 and 7: AI

On weeks 6 and 7, we learned about AI.
We learned about Alan Turing and what he did.
We learned that he created the Turing test, which sees if an AI is human or not.
We also learned about Watson, a robot that competed against the best players at Jeopardy.
During the weeks, we made chat bots. But first, we chatted with some chat bots.
After making the chat bots, we made AI games.
These games were "rock, paper, scissors", "number guessing game", and "tic-tac-toe".
Here's the link to my AI page if you want to see.

Artificial Intelligence

Week 8

On the final week of Expeditions, we learned how to code in Processing.
Processing is a code that it very similar to Java.
We learned how to make a smiley face, a house, and bouncing balls on Processing
Here is the link to my Processing page.

Advanced Programming