Robotics Page

On Monday, November 3, 2014, we started our robotics section.
We got a robotics kit and we made the "five minute robot". This is how it turned out.

These are the parts we got in our kit.

This is the brick.

This is the color sensor.

This is the touch sensor.

This is the ultrasonic sensor.

These are examples of some lego pieces we used to build our robot.

This is the code we used to make the robot move in a square.

On November 10, we made our robot scatter. This is the code we used to make the robot scatter around the room.

I also learned the codes for the color sensor, touch sensor, and ultrasonic sensor. These are the codes.

On November 12, we made the robot scatter with sensors on it. This is the code for the sensors and the scatter combined.

On November 13, we made a robot with all of the sensors. This is how it looked like.

The code I put on November 12 only worked for the ultrasonic sensor. It did not work for the touch and color sensors.

On November 14, we made fixes to our codes and we fought our robots. I didn't have any pictures or a video, sorry.
We also did an activity where we were split into groups. We got 50 pennies and we had to split them randomly into 8 film canisters.
We switched canisters with another group and use a weighing machine to weigh the canisters. We had to put the canisters' weight from least to greatest.