My 3D Graphics Project



This is my Alice project I did it takes place in Acient Eygpt and with to gods Anudis and Ra.

It was pretty fun doing this project and change the eviroments and how they move.

Sketch Up

These are the models I created with sketch up each one is made at different times and each one is more complex.

As I learned to use this resource I got better at building a house and more than a house.

I ended up making amansion with three pools and two huge forts around my mansion.

The last of the pictures is my final product of my mansion that I made and it is much different from the first one which is very plain.


Today we used python to make 3D Graphics and even make them move, and here are some of my screenshots of what I did.

The first picture is the the code I used to make ball bounce and replicate gravity.

The second picture is the result of that code and as you can see the ball is bouncing.

The third is a screenshot of the orbit I created with python.

This last picture is the orbit I made and with the code that makes it work in python.