My Robotics Project


This tuesday back from last time we met we did some robotics with a lego kit and pyone more thon to make it move. I wish I could have done more and tomorrow I can improve my code and building robot skills but overall it went well.

Today we improved our robot and made it bigger and stronger. We also improved the code and made the the ultra sound sensors work and the touch sensors work also

Today we put a color sensor on the a robot to sense color and stop when it sees that color.

When also tried to make it follow a color line but it was not perfected yet maybe tomorrow.

The coding was a little harder today but nothing we can't handle and it was more fun today.

Scambling robots

For this project we had to right the code for the sonar so it can detect anything in front of it.

It worked out pretty well and we were successful but we could have made it alittle better so it detects the object better.

Mars project

This was a little harder to do because had it detect holes and a water(blue paper) and had to been able to avoid the holes and find the water

I wish we could have finished but we ran out of time and could not complete the code but if we had more time we could have finished it