My Server Project


Here are some parts of a computer

This is a Hard Drive which is located any where inside the server, a hard drive is used to store the data of the computer

This right here is a ram, it is a form of comuter data storage it stores data but in a random order

Right above is a heat sink, a heat sink absorbs all the heat from the mother board or cpu and then cooled by the fans

This is a fan, the fan cools down the heat sink so the server does not overheat

This is a motherboard the motherboard is the main printed circuit board

These are wires, wires are strands of metal covered in plastic or any type of covering that are used to send electricity and telecommunications signals

The round object is the battery, the battery gives power to the motherborad or any other components of the server

This is a Graphics Card generates a feed of output images to display on the screen

This is the CPU which is the central proccessing unit which has the computer program instructions

This is a disk drive a disk drive stores information by a disk

These are computer ports which are specialized outlets which wires and cables connect to

And finaly this is the power supply it simply just give electrical power to the server

Troubleshooting activity

Troubleshooting was an interesting experiance because it is the first time really had to fix a computer correctly.

In our group we took apart the server and we swiched a battery and rearranged a few wires.

In the computer we fixed the rams were lose, the battery was disconnected, and the led cables were rearranged