3D Programming

Learining to 3D program with Alice

Alice is a program in which allows you to create fun and 3d animations. With Alice you are able to make 3D worlds and within those 3D worlds you are able to make short or long animations. It is also possible to do a small mini 3D game with Alice as shown below. The codes shown here are for the clips and shows what Alice is capable of doing even from a beginner like me

Programming with SketchUp

Sketch Up is a 3d model builder in which you can create big or small 3d shapes, buildings or environments. As for me I started building a house and is build to scale using the person. I started to build the house and then I got into it and started to build a side walk and then the rest.

View 1

View 2

View 3

Sketchup is a good 3D modeling program however the only downside to sketchup is the camera movement. The toolbar shown below lets you build the 3D models however getting the camera in the correct place can be frustrating when you have to keep clicking the icons for a different camera angle.

Making 3D models with Python.

Python is a coding program in which you can use it for turtles ect.. However in this case we use Python for 3D modelling. In our first lesson we learned some basics on how to program and insert 3D objects. The first thing we did was we made a ball bounce. Below is a code of it and how it looks like when we run the module.

We later then tried to make a solar system with Python. We needed to make a sun and a earth. We also wanted to make the earth orbit the sun.

This is what we got as a result. The earth orbits and rotates by itself when it moves around the sun.