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What is Sratch?

Scratch is a program very much similar to NETLogo. Scratch was designed as a simpler version of NETLOGO and was developed by the people at MIT for young children to learn programming at a young age. They way they got them to play around with Scratch was by telling them that it was actually a game for them to play.

Using Scratch

Using Scratch is very basic because the codes are already given to you and all you have to do is just drag and then drop. In my experience Scratch is better then NETLogo on the coding however it is pretty basic when compared to NETLogo.

By using the code provided you can make the game Pong originally designed and created by Allan Alcorn who then later released the game to the public in 1972 in which was normally designed as a training exercise.

What is the difference between BYOB and Scratch?

There are 2 programs which look a lot like when compared to each other. BYOB is literally the same thing as Scratch however you can add blocks and you have more options within the variables section. Now blocks make a long code and condense it into a little code as shown below.

The code or section, square with 70 and 10, is the simplified version of the super long code below.

If you entered the code in BYOB and did not get any errors then you should come up with the Pythagorean theorem tree which is all just a bunch of squares in the form of A^2 + B^2 = C^2. There may be a possibility of accomplishing this code in Scratch as well.

My Own Game

I created this game by using a code similar to the pong game. However now this is just by yourself and the goal is to score as much points as possible in order to win you must beat the high score and you will win the game. Be careful not to let the ball drop!

The code itself was very difficult for me to accomplish because sometimes when the ball hits the paddle, it will sometimes glitch and make you loose the game. I am currently trying to troubleshoot it but so far I have made little progress to fixing it.

The Glitch

The glitch in my game is shown above and is completely ruining the game that I have created. What it does is sometimes when you are playing, the ball will sometimes go through the paddle. The point of the game is not to let the ball fall and to get as much points as possible. With this glitch in my way it is making it very hard to troubleshoot.

Multiplayer Meshing