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About Robotics and Lego Mindstorm

On 2/3/14 my class is beginning to work on robotics and to start off we use Lego Mindstorm sets to give us some background knowledge and to learn the basics. We first started off building the Lego Mindstorm set and built the 5 minute bot as a starter kit. It was pretty easy at first the only thing that was hard was the programming the day after.

Programming With Python

In order to use the 5-minute bot we had to first connect it by via-bluetooth to the computer in which we will be using to code. In order to actually command the 5-minute bot we had to use a specific version of Python(Python 2.6)in order to program the robot to move around. While using Python we had to connect the sensors as well.

The starter demo

Programming The Color Sensor


While working with Python to program the 5-minute bot, we ran to many problems along with both the code and the robot. Sometimes pieces of Legos would stick out or sometimes the wheel would not turn, which is a big problem since that is how the 5-minute bot actually moves. Nevertheless, coding had problems as well. When we would try out the bot on the floor with the code it would not do what we told it too. What this meant was we had to fix the code, try it out on the floor, and if the code is still messed up then repeat.