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In the final week of expeditions, we are continuing to learn more about computer languages. This week, we learned how to make more art using a computer program called Processing. We were tasked with making a face as a hands-on projec. After spending about twenty minutes making a smiley face, I decided to take it to another level. I chose to make the head of a cartoon character from well-known MAD magazine. I chose to make the white spy from Spy Vs. Spy.

By using different types of functions, we are able to combine the multiple shapes and create an image with them.

On the second day, we focused primarily on this coding website called "Codecademy". This website is used to teach the inexperienced to become fluent in languages such as javascript and Ruby. This was a blast! Aside from learning how to use javascript, we also learned how to make a text adventure out of it!

Once I felt that I had a good understanding of Javascript, I went straight to the text game, and then to Ruby. The text game is a game that uses the player's responses to affect the story. For example, the tutorial for this text adventure had me answer questions claiming that I may/may not race Justin Bieber (Depending on my decision.) After completing this, I went to Ruby, which is pretty similar to Javascript. It allowed me do a variety of things. From doing math to changing people's inputs so they sound like Daffy Duck, the possibilities are close to endless!