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Figuring out what it is and where it goes

This is an image of the computer before things were taken apart

This is the hard drive...This is where all the data is stored

This is the RAM...Random Access Memory

This is the Clock Battery for the computer...

This is the Heat sink...It is what basically cools the cpu

This is the cpu...This is what carries out instructions of a program.

This is the fan, which acts as a cooling agent so that the computer doesn't overheat

This is the disk drive, which is the docking station for all the USB's and such...

These are ports. Ports are basically where you plug in your mouse/keyboard/controller/etc.


My group and I, were tasked with re-assembling a computer that had been "messed up". This means we had to repair/re-connect all the wires/batteries/plugs that had been disconnected purposefull by another group.