This is my games page

The first assgment we were given was to program a game of pong in Scratch. Scratch is a 2D programing application written in the Logo programming language.
The first thing that i learned was how to make a loop. You put blocks inside a yellow "repeat" block like this:

This is another thing that we can make with scratch and codeing.

This is my own scratch game me that I created during my time during class. The controlles are Player 1: W is to move up S is to move down. Player 2: Up arrow is up down arrow is down. HAVE FUN!~!~!
This is what we learned on wendsday we learned how to 2 player mesh. That means that to people can play together on two diffrent computers.

This is called broadcasting. This means that you can play online with another person only if they also have Scratch or Byob 2 player mashing is where you and another player are playing the same game but on diffrent computers, This is helpful because this alous you to put both players controlls as WASD and when you move or hit WASD it will also move on the other persons screen. Scratch and Byob are programing tools that you can make games and other things on.
This is the game that me and my partner tryed to build, we are not done with it but when you hit the green arrow in the corner the zombies will start to chase you and you have to shoot them with you abilities. They way that this is a 2 player mesh is because my partner and I have the same controls for both of our chars and when we hit WASD it wont move the other persons char it would only move yours.