Programming Page


This week we where working our very own websight. We had to type in codes that then would make a websight and put what ever we typed it would put it on the websight.


During this part of the week we were working on our own websights. Saying what we have been working on this week or over the exibition page.

This is a game that we made during week 2 of our expedition. This is a game that we had to use Python, when useing this website we used codes. The computer cant read english so you have to put the codes in the computers language so that it can talk back to us.

This is the opposit of what we did last time because last time we had to guess the computers number, but this time we had to program the computer to guess our number.
Microcolony Simulation

Useing the logo programing language amd tje Netlogo application, We created a colony of turtles that move, eat reproduce and die. Here is a screen shot.

Here is the screenshot of what it looked like from our prespective. We had to code the turtles so that they could move, eat, reproduce, and also if they move around to much and didnt eat that they would die.

This was a fun thing to do because it showed us how we can program the little sprites (turtles) to move, eat, and die.
We programed the turtles to move around and make more turtles. Then after that they one color of turtles that was domonating took off and there where alot more then the other turtles.