3D Graphics:


The process of generating an image from 2D or 3D models by means of computer programs. Rendering has been used
in architecture, video games, simulators, movie, and television visual effects.

Utah Teapot:

The Utah teapot or Newell teapot is a 3D computer model which has become a standard reference object in the computer graphics community.
Here is an image on a modern rendering of the Utah teapot model by Martin Newell.

3D ==> 2D

People have been turning 3D items into 2D images for a long time. People like mappers, medieval painters, renaissance painters, etc are examples of people who turn 3D objects into 2D paintings/images.


Today on our 5th week of expedition we started to work with Alice. Alice is an educational software that teaches students computer
programming in a 3D environment. I used this website to help me learn the basics of Alice. The website I learned Alice
from is from Duke University! Even University/College students does this stuff! Here are some images of what I have done with Alice.

In this image I generated a 3D image of a bunny and the planet Saturn, when I click the play button,
the bunny would hop 3 times and then stop for a brief second.

Here is an image on the bunny jumping!

My bunny would slowly increase in size, if you compare this image the previous two, you can tell that the
bunny has gotten larger, the bunny's size multiplied by 2x and as you can see from the image it is also saying Hello!

In this image the bunny has become a super bunny, he will continue to grow in size, he will also turn his head 360 degrees!
I may also post a video of my Alice in the future.


Today we started to work on a program called SketchUp, it is like Microsoft paint fused with Alice. In SketchUp we did not
have to do any coding, it was pretty much just drawing in 3D. Here are some images of what I have done with SketchUp.

Here is an image of the Sears/Willis tower I made on SketchUp. (It is not to scale, unfortunately)

Here is an image on some random structure I created. The image on the left is a side view and the image on the right is an aerial view.

Here is a house I created with a pool in the background.

Visual Python or VPython

Today on 1/23/15 we started to work with Visual Python, Visual Python is just like SketchUp and
Alice, because we are working with 3D images. the first thing I created is this blue coil
with a chrome like texture. Here is an image of it and the code I used!

Here I made an awesome ice cream cone, I tried to make it so that it looks as if the scoop of ice
cream is slipping off! I had to use a brick texture for my cone, because I couldn't find a brown color for VPython.
I used an Earth texture for the ice cream scoop, because I thought it looked super cool. The image on the
right is the code I used for the slipping ice cream cone thing.

Mr. Farrell was teaching us how to do things like make a ball bounce or make Earth orbit the Sun using VPython.

Here is an image of the ball that was bouncing and here is an image of the code I used to make the ball bounce.

Here is an image of Earth orbiting the Sun in VPython, and here is the code I used for it. I'm currently looking
for a way to make a gif for the Earth orbiting around the Sun and the green ball bouncing up and down.
On the 6th week of computer science we were suppose to start working with artificial intelligence, however
since we only spent about 3 days working on 3D images Mr. Farrell told us to continue
working on our 3D things, he told us to make a 3D cube that rotates (He calls it the Tahoma Cube). Here is an image of the rotating cube and the code I used. I got help from Jason.

I thought the cyan colored cube looked pretty plain and boring,so I updated it by adding different colors
such as red, green, blue, and yellow to brighten up things a bit. In addition, I also turned it into a gif!