On March 31, 2015 we started to work on advancing programming. We started off the class by learning a new coding language called
processing (Mr. Farrell called it "Baby Java"). Our first objective today was to make a happy face using Processing. Here is an image of
my happy face and the code I used.

Our next task on Processing was to create a basic house with 1 window, 1 door, 1, roof, and 1 chimney. It was actually pretty easy, but
the hardest part was probably playing around with the lines for the window. Here is a picture of the house and the code i used for it.

After we finished working on our house we were given the task of making a bouncing ball. The bouncing ball is like an introduction
to animations by using Processing. Here is my ball bouncing around. I embedded this from a website called

If you look at the code for the bouncing ball you can tell that the ball is not actually moving, the ball just keeps getting redrawn and
the background will change! I also learned that to make comments in sketchpad you just do a double slash before the comment like this //.
In Java lists are actually called arrays and you need the word 'void' to create functions.

Today we worked on classes on the second image of my code you can see how I used a class.

Recap of week 1 - 8

Week 1

In week 1 we learned about the key parts of a computer and its functions. To name a few I learned about things such as RAM(Random Access Memory)
and CPU(Central Processing Unit). RAM is a form of data storage and the CPU is the thing that carries out basic instructions and tells the computer
to do things. Here is a link to my Server Project webpage:

Week 2

On week 2 we used a program called Cedar Logic to play around with And Gates/Or gates. We also soldered and played around with breadboxes.
My favorite part of circuit week was playing with the breadboxes, because it was fun messing around with the wires. Here is a link to my
Week 2 webpage:

Week 3

Week 3 was probably one of the most important weeks, because we learned about Variables, Functions, Conditionals, and Loops. We were also introduced
to a program called NetLogo. During that week we made cool images and played around with turtles. I was most proud of making a pentagon out of stars
Here is an image of that

During week 3 I also programmed a calculator to do simple math things such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and finding the average of two numbers.
Here is a link to my week 3 webpage if you want to check those stuff out:

Week 4

Week 4 was probably one of my favorite weeks, because we made our own games on scratch. The most difficult part about week 4 was programming a pong game
because I had no idea what to do. However, after a while a got the hang of it and started to program other games like a shooter game and a quiz game
You can check out my games by clicking thise link:

Week 5

Robotics. Probably one of the hardest weeks for me because it took my forever to get the robots to work. I had trouble programming things such as the
ultrasonic sensor and the RGB sensor, but in the end I got it down. We worked with Lego Mindstorm NXT robots which was pretty cool.
Here is a link to my Robotics webpage:

Week 6

During week 6 we worked with 3D images. I learned about things such as the Utah Teapot. We used programs such as Alice, SketchUp, and Visual Python
to get our work down. I personally did not like Alice much, because it felt kind of boring. I was more fond of SketchUp because it was easier to use
I'm most proud of making a rotating cube using Visual Python. Here is the link to my webpage:
And here is a gif to my rotating cube:

Week 7

Week 7 was artificial intelligences. During this week we learned about the multiple intelligences according to Howard Gardner and we did things like program
Chatbots using python. I learned about Alan Turing, Watson (The Computer that beat Jeopardy champions) and we also programmed artificial intelligent games such as hangman and rock paper scissors
Here is a link to my artificial intelligence page:

Week 8

Finally Week 8, the last week. During this week we worked on Advanced programming. I learned how to make lists, functions, classes, and comments on Java.
You don't need a link to my week 8 page! Just scroll up!