On 9/8/2014 we learned what circuits are and made logic gates to add to 2 using a program called Cedar Logic.

Cedar Logic

Cedar Logic is a program that allows you to drag and drop switches, logic gates, LEDs and create circuits.

Here are some circuits made using Cedar Logic

On the second week of class, we made a 5 bit adder, which was surprisingly easy, because we didn't use the AND and OR gates.

The Victorian Internet

In the 1800s, people used electromagnets or EM to send messages instantly through a wire.

Working with circuits and breadboards

On Tuesday, we made used a breadboard to test circuits. This is an image of the breadboard we used:

This is an OR Gate me and my group made.

This is an AND Gate me and my group made.


Today we worked on soldering. Soldering is like working with the breadboards, the only
difference is that soldering is permanent. Unfortunately, there weren't enough circuit boards,
so I had to wait until Friday to solder.

For an introduction to soldering, Mr. Farrell showed us a video about Kelvin Doe, a 15 year old
boy from Sierra Leone that possesses a unique skills. The video is posted below.