Game Programming

Game Programming:

Today we worked on Scratch to make the video game "Pong"


Player1 Controls: W key to move up and S key to move down.
Player2 Controls: Up arrow key to move up and Down arrow key to move down.
To clear the scoreboard click the Spacebar. To start the game press the green flag on the top right corner.
To pause or stop the game click the red button on the the top right corner.

For this game I used loops to make the ball bounce back and forth and conditionals to make the paddles work. I also used variables and functions, the variables in this game helped
determine how the ball would bounce, 15 degrees, 45 degrees, etc. The function in my Pong game can be seen on the right side of the game (the code).
On the right is the codes I used to create Pong on Scratch!

Laser/Tank Shooter Game

1. Use right and left arrow keys to move.
2. Use 's' key to shoot regular bullets, use 'a' key to shoot plasma. use 'd' key to shoot machine gun.
3. There will be more instructions in the game to help guide you.
TRY OUT MY TANK SHOOTER GAME! On the right of the game is the codes I used to fire projectiles.
In my opinion, this game was kinda of harder to create than the Pong game, because the code for firing
projectiles sometimes got a little bit tricky.

Story Game

This is a very simple and short story game I made using Scratch. This game is nowhere
as good as my Tank Shooter game, but it does include user input!

Quiz Game

On Friday, we made a 10 question quiz game on Scratch. The quiz is about what we learned in Computer Science class.
Up for a challenge? Take the quiz! The quiz game tests your knowledge on Programming, Hardware, and a little bit of circuits! On the right side is the codes I used
to make this Quiz game! This quiz game took me about 45 minutes to make!

Quiz Game answer key:
1. Loops
2. Conditionals
3. function
4. variable
5. heat sink
6. random access memory
7. motherboard
9. Cedar Logic
10. Berkeley


Today we worked on the program BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks) developed at Berkeley to make a multiplayer game! This program was quite similar to
Scratch, so it wasn't that hard to learn. Unfortunately, I was not able to embed the game I created on BYOB to my website, however I did add some
of the screenshots of my game into my website. The game I created on BYOB is called "Spaceman", it broadcasts events and stuff.

The point of this game is to avoid the alien and get to the rocketship to get back to Earth, one player will play as the alien and the other will be the spaceman.

If the spaceman gets caught by the alien then this message will appear and the spaceman would die.

When the spaceman gets to the rocketship he would fly back to Earth!