In programming, we learned 6 vocab words:

Net Logo

I created this complicated image by just writing a few lines of code.
On the right is the codes I used to create the image. I used the Command Center to get my answers.

These are the codes I made on NetLogo to calculate math questions.

More NetLogo Creations:

This is an image of a tree I made using NetLogo, I think this was awesome, because I just wrote a few simple lines of code and got this image!


I got the answers using the Command Center. On Wednesday, we finally programmed with Python 2.7.6! We were working with binary numbers,
we converted binary numbers to decimals. Here is the code I did.

Nested Triangles

Today I made nested triangles using the program NetLogo.
Here is the image on the nested triangle I made, on the right is the code I used to make the triangle:

I can also make more complicated nested triangles using this code.

During the 5th week we did some Python to shake off some rust, since we were about to begin VPython or Visual Python.
I think visual python is like Alice, doing 3D images and stuff like that. We made a code that could solve functions and equations.