Server Project


Today we opened a server and saw the inside of it. Here is what it looks like.

Hard Drive

A hard drive is device for storing data and retrieving information.


This picture you see below is a picture of a Motherboard. However this Motherboard holds a lot of electronic components of the system.


A CPU is a central process that handles, and does all the prossesing.


A RAM is something that stores information while processing.

Heat Sink

The heat sink is used in the servers, Because that way the Heat Sink helps keep the CPU from getting hot.

Power Supply

This power supply is used to give power to all the components.


GPIO Pins are General Purpose Input/Output Pins that let's circuits be attached to the it.

USB Ports

This plug can connect to a computer mouse, or even a hard drive to the computer.

Clock Battery

This clock battery makes it possible for it to keep time even when there is no power.