3D Programming

For this project we had to program a world using ALICE. This program was similar to one we had used before: scratch. It is easier to use because you can drag and drop blocks in order to program a world.

This was one of these first things I did in ALICE. In order to make this I used a tutorial I found online. I learned how to make the characters move and stay in one place.

This is the second world I was working on. I made a snowman ride a scooter by declaring the scooter the snowman's vehicle in the code. I made things happen at the same time by using the do together command. In order to make it seem like the bird was flapping its wings, I would have to tell the different parts of the wings to move at the same time or it would look off. I would be able to do this because the bird was a class which means that there are different objects in one.

This house is something I made using SketchUp by Google. I used different tools in the program. It was easy to use because you can building things using the simple shapes. I imported the door knobs because I wanted something more realistic looking. I didn't add anything inside so it is empty. I tried to make the doors look realistic by adding texture to them.

This is the Earth orbiting the Sun. I made this using visual python. The model was in 3D. In order to make this we had to use an equation that would make it more realistic and go around the Sun in an elliptical path instead of a circular path. The code is on the right of the picture.

This is something else I made with visual python. I tried to make the ball bounce off all six walls, but it went through two of the walls. The code I used is right new to it. I made the walls a bit sheer so that I could see where the ball was bouncing.

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