Sever Project

Mother board

The Mother board is where all the data is transferred between all the different components of the server.


The CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It is the part of the server that has the instructions to how the computer works. It is located under the Heat Sink that protects the CPU from overheating

Heat Sink

The Heatsink is what prevents the CPU from overheating and melting.


The Fan is what cools down the whole server and prevents it from being too hot.

Graphic Card

The Graphic Card helps the server have better image quality and is used by most gamers to get better image quality.

Hard Drive

The Hard drive is where all the memory is stored permanently in the computer.

Optical Drive

The Optical drive is where you would put the CD/DVD disc.

Power Source

The Power Source is what gives the power to all


The RAM is short for Random-access memory. This is where the temporary memory is stored in the computer.


As we were troubleshooting we knew some cables were switched and we put them back. Some of the cables were really hard to take out so we couldn't switch them back. Some of the smaller cables were switched and we didn't know where exactly they went and we were stumped; it was the only part of the troubleshooting we didn't get. When we had to cause some trouble, we caused more then we could fix. We, too, changed the smaller cables around and we couldn't fix them. I learned that I need to know what each of the cables are for and where they go because if one is not in the correct place then the server won't turn on or it do what it's to do.

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