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today we started doing a 3D graphics program!

In my 3D graphic secne, I had a Trex laugphing at a burning robot. we were learning alot about how to make the picture move, how to set up a sequence of events, and how to use the different camera angles.
it was pretty tricky though, but once i got the hang of it was fairly easy.
here are some picture examples of what i was making doing.

3 hours later
here is a newer picture of my 3D graphic laugphing Trex.

in the newer one i made each tail segment go left, right, up, and down. i also had the arms just spinning around and around, left and right, up and down, all on a infinte loop.


today we used a program called "sketchUp", basicaly the program is for making 3D modles that you can then color in or make them lopsided, anything you want, its a little hard at first, but once you mess around with the tools and stuff, you can make anything you want.
here is some pictures of the mordern art house that i made

here's my house

here's a inside view of it, if you look to the right you can see a table i made, then if you look to your right you can see a modern art painting

here's a back side view

there's a top view, i have a smileing face on the top

here is a rose type thing i made on the roof

i even got a helicopter pad

then we got the normal house with a chimney

then we got the giant fork because who dosen't love a giant fork

and here is a full view of the entire place

today we used python to make a 3D ball bounce.
first we had it come strait down and bounce back up, then we programed it to bounce side to side.

here is a picture of the program that i tryed to use, i can't show you what happened because the program was saying that there was an error in the programs line

after lunch, we got into programing orbitations such as the earth revolving around the sun. here's a picture of the orbitation.

here's another picture that has been sped up by 90000 with a orbit that makes a nearly perffect circle around the sun.