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today, we programed chat bot, to awnser questions that we asked it and we could tell it what to say.

once you know how to make it react to what you say, it's pretty simple.
heres what happend when i was was talking to talk bot.

today we used a very, very fun system in class. it is a program that makes the computer talk.

first we put a system called steel into python, then using python, we typed in some stuff to say, like this

and when i was searching on web i found a website that had a program called CleverBot, we had a conversation and it got pretty argumental after a while; when it went on for a while, she started to get realy mean.

And then clever bot said this.

then i found this other website that had this program called "Evie" who was this 3D image of a ladie that would say what she typed ,but the same goes for Evie, their imposibale to argue with.

today, we learned how to use python to write text for us.


then we learned how to get it to search he web for us, and for some reason, it cant search rock.


then we had it type for us a sentence, that we did have to type in our selfs, but non the less, we got it to type.

then i had a little fun with it.


We watched a short movie about this robot that these people had programed, they named their robot watson.
The purpose of watson was to make a robot that would could be self learning, and they set him up on jeapordy just to see how self learning he was.
I thought it was realy neat how watson handled the questions he was asked, and searched through his data banks to find the wright awnser.

today we started by making a game of rock paper sciccors, or as i called mine, water fire ice.
the first thing i did was trying figur out how to make a intro sentence, then make a tie sentence, and then figure out how to make a system that would react differently to diferent anwsers
heres the program

so if we both did fire it would come up as tie, if i did fire and it did water it would make a sentence saying it won, and if it choose ice it would say that i won

today we made a hangman game, and i couldn't of figured done most of the code without the guy who made the page "inventwithpython"
one thing i did find was that i must of made some misstakes typing the code, like syntax errors, but also i found a error in the guys page as well because in the code , end=' ', there had to be 2"=" and a space between end,=,' '.
im not able to actully play my own game because there is a problem that i cannot fix, but i cant show you what i did for the pictures
my virsion of hangman is called deeadman, where instead of a hanging man, your building a monster, heres what it looked like

we continued a little with our hangman game, but i still have not been able to run it because it is saying that a "TypedError: 'list' object is not callable, and i have no idea how it isnt callable. but we are going to move on to a tic tac toe game, so that will probally be easyier.
well, the tic tac toe game is actully alot shorter than the hangman game, and its somewhat simpler.
we had the option to make either a 2 player or a 1 player game, i choose to do 2 player
So the first thing we had to do was to write an intro and instructions for the game so that the players know what their doing

then we made the board and label the boxes so the program knows where to put the X and O

then check the code if someone wins

heres a picture of the game when i was playing