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it's a fact

here are some computer components.

this is a hard dive, everything that you have in the computer goes in a hard drive.

this is a(computer)ram, it lets you reload data faster.

this is a motherboard, it is the central circuit of your computer, and all other components plug into it.

this is a(computer)fan, the fan cools off your computer so it dosen't overheat.

this is a graphics card, it is the computers data-to-image translator.

this is the cpu"central processing unit", it's the brains of the computer.

this is a heat sink, it cools down your processor after it runs more than 1 program.

this is a disk drive, it spins a disk very fast and has 1 or more heads that read and write data.

these are ports, ports are, well, ports, that come in diffrent sizes that connect to sertent output cables.

this is the computers power supply, and it's the most litteral part of the computer.

this is a computer battery, you can find a battery in any gadget that can keep track of time or any thing that recuiers a battery(obviously)

pic 1 is plugs,pic 2 is wires,pic 3 is cables, and their main purpose is to fit in certain ports, to transfer information from on end of the wire/cable/plug to the other.