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On the first day of computer science, we made these web pages that you are looking at right now.
It was a fun experience, programing the web pages was interesting because we used note pad to make the pages, and i thought we would be using some sort of other program but we used notepad.

and this got turned into what you see now, to get the words in and split them up, i by line breaking them and the more line breaks you put in, the more spaces there are between the sentences.

and if you put them before and after the sentence.

the next day, knowing how to edit a webpage, we went into more advance stuff with turtles

The next day we used net logo to make turtles draw shapes,
no, not the shell turtles, we used a program that have these arrows that are called turtles that draw lines, in a way, it was very simular to the way the Scratch program draws.
We made some realy neat shapes out of the programs.

The next day, we learn about python, it turns out that google and nasa use this program in their programs.
Its realy easy to understand, and and its alot of fun. we first used python to make shapes, much like logo, exept this a bit broader than logo.
a shape that i made was a star made out of rotating slanted squares that would shrink as they rotate, or whatever the shape is called, youll know what im talking about when you see the picture

well this is the last week of computer science, and were ending it with some advanced programing.

today we started using some advanced 2D picture making using "processing...", that realy is the name of the program.
we were assigned to make smily faces using the prossecing program and this is what i made

then i thought that it wasn't weird enough so i put teeth onit

heres the code for the face that i made

All of the shapes has a different code line needed.
For the teeth, they needed triangles which need each of the points of the triangle writen down like, 200,200,30,30,90,90
the main face part is a circle which in prossecing is called a "ellipse", for this you must first tell it where it needs to be, 30,30 , then tell it how tall and wide you want it
the smile and eyes are "arc", and its like a circle, but the 3rd part that is required is to tell it how far you want it to go around
then to color the shape, you use "fill" and then use the RBG "RedBlueGreen" light colors to make it color ful, 90,0,0 = red
the "void" programing gives certian area a accesibility to be moved, changed or even
then i made the target syomble in my free time

then we made a moving ball by basicly "fooling the eye". what we did was we made a circle, then had it move 1 cm, then had the back ground go over the old cirlce.
you can try this out on your own, here's the program for the program

the "void" programing, that you may not be familiur with, gives certian a area that you select, accesibility to be moved and or be played around with, like you can make the selected shape change color over time, make it move fast or slow, and even change the size of it.
if you take out the the 2nd backgroud line, it makes a bunch of lines

then we made it bounce off the walls and made it change color as it bounced

heres the code

today we had been introduced to "codecademy"

it is a helpfull learning site for anyone who is just starting out in computer programing. It gives you step by step instructions with different codeing systems like: Javascript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, API
when using the codecademy step by step lesson plan, you will be given a little tick mark every time you get a question right, and will tell where and what you had missed typed somthing if you did type something wrong in the programing.

today we went back to makeing 2D pictures using "processing", this time, our assignment was to make a house, naturally i went ahead and did flip the script and made a BIRD house.
it bacialy went like a normal shape would with triangle, circless, and a square, and then we made it moveable and size adjustable by using void.
it used the code "int x" and "int y" and "length" for the messurements of the house

and it turned out pretty go

dont tell the birds this, but their not allowed in this house.
as you will see, i can remake this house to look like it belongs in a cray house google images section