Advanced Programming

Advanced Programming


This week we are programming!! We are using the C family!! This is bit difficult because we need to be more specific than any other programming we have done. We are going to be using Processing programming to help us out.

This is my face! I programmed it to keep on moving. I know it looks creepy huh!

This is my coding for my face! This coding is different than any other coding we have done so far! This is similar to python though.

This command is actually a circle command. In this programming software, an ellipse is a circle.

This is an example of loop when using progressing.

Here is an example of a conditional when using progressing.

This is an example of variables when using progressing. (This is from Mr. Farrell, I couldn't find variables in my coding)

Java script

This time we are using java!! This is my coding for my java script!

this is how it will look like when you plug in this formula! The line will be moving and changing colors.

We are using geometry in our coding! Notice how we use cosine to form the circle.