Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence - The theory and development of making computer systems think like humans.

Multiple Intelligence

On Monday I learned there are more than one way to be intelligent! According to Howard Gardner's book, "Multiple Intelligence," there are 9 different kinds of "intelligents!"
Logical-mathematical - the traditional math and logic intelligence
Bodily-kinesthetic - control of one's bodily motions
Musical - sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and music
Verbal-linguistic - a facility with words and languages
Naturalistic - nurturing and relating information to one's natural surroundings
Visual-spatial -spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind's eye
Interpersonal - being able to talk with others
Intrapersonal - knowing yourself
Existential - theory proposed spiritual or religious intelligence

History of A.I

Artificial Intelligence began with myths, stories, and rumors by intelligent or consciousness by master craftsman. Classical philosophers attempted to describe the process of human thinking as the mechanical manipulation of symbols which led to Artificial Intelligence. This led to the invention of digital computer programming in the 1940s. A college called, "Dartmouth College" has a A.I field in the summer of 1956. Those who participate would be A.I research leaders for their rest of their lives and would be gaining millions of dollars if they are able to make this happen. However, in 1973, the people had enough of trying to make the project happen because of the hard work and eventually the government stopped funding them to get Artificial Intelligence working. Seven years later, the Japense Government inspired many other governments and industries to fund A.I billions of dollars. In the 1950s, the project was successful by a man named "Alan Turing".

Alan Turing

This is Alan Turing! He was a British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, computer scientist and philosopher. He is basically know as the "father" of computer science. He has a test of his own called, "The Turning Test" which basically means that a human would be unable to know if they are talking to a human or a computer because the computer would be able to answer the questions it is told.

Chat Box

In 1966, the first computer program named "Eliza" is published by a man named, "Joseph Weizenbaums." However, Weizenbaums did not believe Eliza was intelligent enough. Therefore he was able to program a command in her that allowed her to answer certain question if the questions contained a word. For example, " 'MOTHER' with 'TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR FAMILY'."

This is the chat I was having with an A.I program named, "A.L.I.C.E." Notice how she can respond to all my question as though as she was human! She is also able to provide you with information about her background. (P.S.)(Tommy is my teacher assistant)

My own Chatbot!!

Today we are making our own chatbot! We are going to use Vidle for VPython 2.7 which looks like the picture below.

Here is a picture of my chat robot and me having a conversation. My responses are in black and the robot's responses are in blue. Notice how the robot is able to talk back to me normally like a human would.

Now we are going to use voices!! Our computers will start talking to us and will say anything we type it to say.

This is the command to make your computer speak the sentence you just wrote.

Here is the command in action! First you have to type, "engine.speak" then you add in the parenthesis. Type whatever you want add put it in quotes. For example, "engine.speak("hi guys")." This how you should write your command.

This should pop out if you did the coding and command right!

Here is my program with the speak function. It still has a few errors so I suggest you fix it before using it. So basically the computer talks to you but you have to type to it.

Fact Bot

This is a Fact bot!! Basically we got a "app_id" code for a fact program from a website named, "wolframalpha." We are making our chat bot having intelligence as in knowing some history events and even talking! However, this isn't the smartest machine on earth like 'Watson' therefore, this will have some errors.

Notice how "import wolframalpha" is something you have to do in order to make your chat bot work! Again here is the coding for making our computer talk (engine= steek.eSpeak). Also note that the "app_id" will be different from mine because when you go to wolframalpha it would give you a different code!

You know you will be on the right website if it looks like this.

Click on a button that looks like this!

type this in the box that looks like this and then click "get apple id"

Click on a button that looks like this! The numbers and letters you get on the Apple id is your code.


These week we are making the famous game named "HANGMAN". Hangman yes however, we are going to create it by using codes. How are hard can that be right? Well it's pretty hard to create this game.

This is what I drew in my coding in order to make the man hang. It's actually really using to draw and all but if you don't feel like taking the time to draw it out than just copy one off from the internet.

Make sure to put these commands before the hangman drawings!!

Here's my coding for hangman! Yeah I know, not so easy now huh? Please note that this coding will still need to be worked on and it's up to you to fix it's flaws.

Let's test out this HANGMAN game and hope it works like it should!

Well look at that! Type in a letter and it responded by giving me the position where the "a" is placed in the hidden word!

Now look what happens when the letter you pick isn't correct! It starts drawing the man!

Making HANGMAN was rather difficult because you have to teach to the computer step by step, the computer would not know what to do when you say "okay now draw the head because he got the letter wrong" no, you actually havd to program the computer to check if the letter is correct and then write the letter in the correct spot.

Tic Tac Toe!!

Hi! This time we are learning how to make one of the most famous games in the world....Tic, Tac, Toe!! Just in case you have never heard of this game before, Tic Tac Toe is a game where you pick what symbol you want to be either 'x' or 'o' and the first to match 3 wins! I'll show you how the board for Tic Tac Toe looks like in just a second!

This is the beginning of my coding, which you can already tell it's going to take a lot of coding for this Tic Tac Toe game to get running.

This is how I printed out my tic tac toe board with coding! Yeah you are going to need that many 'print' statements!

This is how it will look like when you run it. It will give you a review of the board and the numbers of each space.

This is the code for the board the players will actually be playing on.

This is how the board the players are going to play should look like.

Make sure you have this command because this is the command that reads the player's moves and receives them.

This command makes sure the player put in a number.

This is the check win statement which means it's telling the computer all the different ways to win tic tac toe.

This statement switches the players. It knows that after 'x' is marked then 'o' comes next.

When there is no winner because its a tie! Here is the command. Also note that mine isn't really working so my 'tie' command isn't really functioning right now, I am still working on it.

After game over, this statement lets the player decide if they want to play again.

This is the statement to get the game working. You need to use the 'while true' statement because it means every time the function is true, it will show up.

AI week!

AI week was very interesting because we coded many games on our own and learned how to do multiple of loops. This was a good week for everyone! Everyone was tackling the code for people to test out their games!