Game Programming

Game Programming


Fist to get you started you want to have SCRATCH!


Our first assignment in Game Programming was to make a Pong Game! It looks easy but it was rather hard.

This is my Ping Pong game!! 1st player controls is: W for up and S for down. 2nd player controls is: up arrow for up and down arrow for down.

This is my codes for the ball in my ping pong game. First, you want the "when clicked" command because what it does is that when you start the game, the ball starts moving. Second, you want a "got to x: y:" command because that will let the ball know where to travel. Third, you want a "point direction" command with a "pick random" command inside it because it lets the ball moves randomly to any place it wants. Fourth, you want the "forever" command because it lets the game to function all the time, you want the "move step" command to tell the ball how many steps to move, and you want the "if on edge, bounce" to tell the ball to keep moving and not get stuck on an edge. Lastly, you want 2 "if" commands. Put "touching" command on both "if" commands and select one for player 1 and the other for player 2, then put "point in direction" with "pick random" command inside it and attach it to both players because it makes the ball bounce off the player and go to the other player.

This is the formula we used to make the 1st player controls and 2nd player controls. It also has the command that gives the player that scores a point.

Using BYOB to make a game!!

Hi! This week we are going to make our own video game! Yes I said our own! We get into groups of 3 and start coding using BYOB.

BYOB is like scratch however, its rather different and personally a bit better.

This is some things we made using BYOB!

Here is character that my group and me have been working on! The people working in this was Andrew, Anthony, and me! We all decided to make a zombie survival game :D. This is Andrew's character, the chief also know to throw a deadly puncake (:

This is another character we made. This is Anthony's character that carries a shotgun that shoots missiles.

This is the last character that we have put in the game! Is this my character and I have a sniper that shoots. I am batman!! :D

So how do we make these characters we have move? Well it's actually pretty complicated and took a lot of coding and trying.

Here is some of the moving coding we made for our characters!

Here are some of the shooting codes that we put into our characters. Here is the one for the pancake.

This is the shooting code for the shotgun missile.

As you can see this coding is very confusing and difficult to understand, so basically all we did was pick control such as "if the player presses this" "then do this."

This is how our zombies look like! Yeah I know its bad quality but this is the best we can work with.

This is how many zombies we have programmed!