Robots this week! We are going to learn how to build a robot first using NXT and then we will be able to design our own with our groups! We are learning that a robot has many importants such as eyes, sensors, wheels, wires, program, and of course the battery!!

This is a NXT ROBOT, and we are going to use them to make our robots this week.

We are starting to work on Robotics this week!

Meet Juan.0!! This is the robot my group and me build for a week. We got to design him and program him to do many things such as following colors and using it's touch sensor

Here we have Juan.0 moving with the program we put in him. Programming wasn't that hard but there was frustration between times.

This is the color sensor we attached to our robot. It tries to find the color you tell him to find.

To make the robot know which color its following you want to put the color under the color sensor and tell it what color it is when he sees it.

These are some formulas we programmed inside juan for him to move around!The formula is to program juan to read a color.

These are know as the eyes of the NXT robot however the robot still can't see, it doesn't know where it's going.

This is touch sensor of the robot, well most likely the eyes because when the robot pumps into an object, it's sensor gives the robot a message that there is something right in front of it.

This is how the color senor of the robot looks like. It is able to follow any color you program it to follow.

Here we have a good angle on how my robot looks like with its eyes and sensors on.

Here are some of the example codes we programmed in our robots. Please note that these codes aren't 100% correctly and will have some errors

Our task was to make juan follow the green tape. How? Well we are suppose to program his sensor to read the color green and he will be able to follow it!

Mars Challenge!

Today in class we have to do a Mars challenge which means our robots needs to be able to figure out its way through mars to some water, however there are holes that our robots can fall in! The primary objective is to program your robot to dodge the holes and get to the water safely.

Here we can see codes such as, "forward", "backwards", "left", and "right". When you type the command, the robot will follow that command.

Now we are done using Robots in computer science, however it was a lot of fun, best week so far because we were given the freedom to program whatever we want in our robot.