Server Project


This is how the server looks it when you take the lid off.There are several components inside of this server like the heat sink, coolers/fans, CPU, Ram, Motherboard, Daughter board, Hard drive, Disk drive, GPU etc. Clients can connect through the internet as well as run from the same computer.

This is the power supply of the computer we went into. It gives energy to the computer so it can turn on.

This image is the heat sink of the computer. Keeps all the heat that the CPU is throwing off.

The server has many cables in it.

These are the types of fans or coolers you can find in the server It keeps the computer cool from over heating.

This is the CPU. It's the brain of the computer.

These are the rams you will find in a computer. Rams help your computer run more smoothly.

This is how the disk drive looks like. It reads disks that you put in the computer.

This is the motherboard. It is the main piece of the computer, it lets the computer turn on.


This is the server we got.

We had to switch the rams to make the computer function correctly.

The big red wires that are wire bundle, they switched it, therefore the computer wouldn't turn on. We just had to switch it and we got the

computer to work correctly and we finished our troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting was fun because we got to work together and see what was wrong with the computer. We learned many things of a computer from this experience. It kind of gets frustrating because you can't figure out what's wrong with the server.