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3D or 2D?

This week we started working on a new

program called Alice (v.2.3). In this

program we learned how to make classes

(3D objects) move. Most of my class made

people and animals move and talk, but I

decided on another idea.

The picture above may be what I make

out of this week. What I plan on doing

is making either a short animation or

maybe another game.

From both the picture and video above,

I have decided to make a short animation

instead of a game. Down here is how the

ending will be.

On the next day, the class started working

on another program called sketchup8. In

this program we got a task to make our

own house. I think most of my class did

a better job than me, but here's the front

of my house any ways:

And this is the back of my created house:

We made the houses with the materials

given to us by the program, for example

rectangles and circles.

After a while, I grew bored of making

houses. So I decided on making something

else, in particular: a robot. But, the

ending result was not a robot but this:

During the next day, we got to make a

ball bounce both on the ground and off a


Then, we started on making the earth

revolve around the sun.

To make both of these small projects work,

we had to write two separate codes on a

program called VIDLE for VPython.

If you would like to see the codes for these

programs, please press the link below:

Programming Project

On the last day of expeditions, we got a

chance to work on anything we've done this

week. I decided to work on a super awesome

robot, and no this wasn't mega-man. Here's

a picture of it: