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Programming Page of awesomeness!!!!!

We created very awesome pictures like colorfull

circles and very confusing shapes.

The way to create this sphere of multiple colors,

a specific code I required, and that code is

shown under this sentence:

We as well created a flower out of very many

codes, just like this one:

For its code, it is very long.

On the second week, we programmed

a computer to make a snowflake.

It took a while to finish but it

was worth it, the code for the

snowflake is right here.

We also programmed a computer so that it

can play the number game against us.

The code above shows my version of

the game, but with small differences

from my peers.

The code up top is the sample given

to us by our teacher Mr. Farrell.

The day after we made the number

game, we programmed a computer to

play Ro sham bo.

This game as well took a while to

make, as you can see rock, paper,

and scissors have their own little

space on the program.

Now its the 7th week of expeditions and

we have a started working on the next

two programmed games:

1.The famous Tic-Tac-Toe


On Monday, we had finished making touches

to our hangman game, below is the code for

the hangman game.

This is not the only thing you need to have

in order to play this game, you also need

the table to play on it, so, you can make

your own design if you want to, or this


Either way is fine because another important

thing you need is a word list or bank.

On the next day of expeditions we started

working on our Tic Tac Toe game! Some of us

were really good at doing this python program,

and some of us weren't so good. Right now, I

am almost done with my code because of the

teamwork I have done with my partner.

Down below are the codes for both

the bouncing ball and earth moving

around the sun, which are in the 3d

project page.