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Amazing server project!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are all the things needed to build a computer:


The Cpu is one of the most important

components needed because it contains

all the instructions that goes through

the whole computer

2.Hard Drive

This is another very useful component

because it keeps all your data, games,

important photos and other important

items as well.

3.Power Supply

This component must be at least the

most important item because its called

the power supply.


These are useless, unless they are

connected to a hard drive, which make

these wires very important.

5.Other Items

There are so many other things needed

to make the computer work, for example,

a box to hold the items in and a screen

to get a picture and maybe a clock battery.

Finished Computer

This is what a finished computer looks

like, which looks really good and looks

like it lasts forever, until the next

item happens.


Troubleshooting could either mean that

there is a bug or the server is not

working properly, which means either

call an electrical engineer or open the

server and try and fix it.