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Programming with Scratch

The Paddles:

-On the third week of Computer Science I learned how to make a game on Scratch.
The game was ping pong.It involves two "paddles" (the black lines that are circled in red in the following image)...

-In order for the player on the left side or also known as Player1 in this case,
to move his or her paddle I needed to program the paddle
to keys on the key board. Bellow is an image to that very code.

-Even though both players in this case have the same capabilities,
they have different coding as well.
Bellow is the coding for the right side player.

The Ball:

-The coding for the ball is much longer than the paddles code because
the ball has much more work in its hands. It needs to be given all the "if" statements
such as "if the ball hits blue turn 90".
These "if" statements are essential to the game because all
the possibilities must be laid out within the coding.
If you were to program a game and not lay out the possibilities
you would kill the whole illusion of playing a "life like" game.
Bellow is an image of the "if" statements for the ball...

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